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Angel Bakeries

The Angel Bakeries are Israel's largest and leading bakeries.
The company owns and operates 4 bakeries across the country, producing two hundred different types of breads, rolls, challahs and pita breads.  The company also produces cakes and pastries in an additional, dedicated factory.  All of the products are certified Kosher under both the OU (Orthodox Union) and the Badatz Eda Haredit.
We export our products to the USA, Denmark, UK, France and Belgium, serving both the retail chains and the food service channel.


Angel – Healthy Eating

Alongside our wide range of traditional breads, we put special emphasis on the emerging health trends, offering a wide range of products made with whole wheat, special grains and dietary fibers, as well as certified organic products and products that cater to special dietary needs such as reduced calorie, fortified with vitamins and minerals, etc.

Our Retail Brands

Angel Bakeries
Our mainstream brand – Angel Bakeries – encompasses our sliced bread variations, whole wheat and multi-grain variations, challahs, pita bread, light/sugar free breads, rolls & buns.

Angel "Eynan" Brand
Pre-Germinated Whole Wheat Bread.  This product line is based on a unique method developed by Angel Bakeries, resulting in an exceptionally high level of nutritional fibers, minerals and vitamins.

Angel "French Style" Brand
Gourmet, hand-made artisan bread using traditional French baking methods.

Angel’s “Children’s Rolls”
This brand focuses on and integrates the parent’s needs for healthy solutions  with the children’s needs for a tasty roll.

In-Store Bakeries and Food Service Customers

Angel Bakeries offer unique solutions to supermarket chains, caterers, restaurants, food manufacturers, sandwich shops and coffee shops.  We are able to custom-fit our products to meet the customer’s needs and requirements.

Par-Baked frozen products

Angel Bakeries offer a wide assortment of par-baked products whose baking is completed at store-level.  We par-bake the products and freeze them. The customers complete the baking process, providing their consumers fresh-baked products.
Products available under this concept: Pita Bread, Challahs, Rolls, Ciabatta , Artisan breads, Pizza-bases.

• The final consumer benefits from buying fresh-baked products. 
• The final baking process is short (about 5 minutes) and easy to operate, requiring a minimal amount of employee training and a relatively small investment in equipment.
• Fresh products are baked in accordance to store-level demand, eliminating waste almost completely!

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